If you’re not Learning, you are moving backwards. We must continuously invest and keep
reengineering ourselves as we may otherwise become Obsolete in No Time.
We work with several Schools, Higher Education Institutes and Corporates in understanding their unique learning requirements. Sometime such learning needs can be met by readily available solutions, but mostly we have to design custom-made blended solutions.

Having the right E_learning solutions has 2 important aspects:

Learning Management System
This is the front-end system where you input your Learning Needs, Assign Courses for your team and track progress. Some Smart LMS even have inbuilt capability for conducting Skill Assessments and creating Development Plans. There are several LMS available in the market to choose from, depending on your needs.
Such LMS then further need to be Optimized to suit your Organization’s need, this is where We come in. We work with you right from identifying and suggesting the LMS and then working with our Technology partners for the Implementation Process.
Content/eLearning Courses
Online courses need to be plugged into your LMS to create a robust online Library. Without the right online courses; the LMS system is just an empty system. Such courses can be sourced from various e-learning content providers, mostly related with common behavioral & Technical Skills.
For more unique Learning Needs, new Content needs to be created. With our years of experience in this field, we are able to produced highly Effective & Engaging content.
Mastering a certain skill requires time and continuous learning. Online Self-Paced courses are a great starting point however they need to be complimented with real world experience (Simulations), sometimes executing projects in a controlled environment.
We design content and learning Solutions for both Adults as well as Children. Mad-For-People has collaborated with several Technology Partners, Content Designers and Game Developers who help create unique solutions for various Target Audience.
Several New Products are being worked upon as we speak, reach out to us for more details.
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